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Hear what folx had to say about working with me

Emily Kleypas, Producer YANKL ON THE MOON

"Caroline was invaluable to our process in the developmental workshop of Yankl on the Moon — a one-man show that was first produced at the Woodruff Arts Center in Atlanta in 2014. Our goal was to revisit the text and see what was working, and what might need to  be changed. She knew how to best support the writer's vision with her investigative, illuminating questions, and her expertise in structural story-telling opened up the piece to several exciting possibilities for the play moving forward. She did an extraordinary amount of research about the time period, and the history and content of Chelm folk stories. She knew what information was additive at opportune moments in the process, guiding us through the re-imagining and re-building of the piece seemingly effortlessly. She is a calming, joyful, intelligent presence to be around and collaborate with in any artistic setting. I look forward to working with her again as this project continues to develop, and on many projects in the future."

Erica Magrin, Writer 

"I have worked with Caroline on multiple projects. I can attest that she is an incredible editor. Her skill in the area is clear, and her shining qualities are her patience, attention to detail, and her ability to see the big picture of a story. I cannot recommend her enough!"

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